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The Project

During construction work in the port of Dover in 1992 an ancient boat of Bronze Age date was discovered, preserved by the sediments it was buried in. Radiocarbon dating showed that the boat was built around 1550 BC and thus is one of the oldest sea-going boats ever found in Europe. The discovery was of enormous importance for our understanding of the Transmanche region, the first evidence of sea-going navigation from such a remote period yet found. BOAT 1550BC is the name of the scientific research project that has arisen from this discovery. It is supported by the cross-border co-operation programme ‘INTERREG IV A 2 seas’. Between September 2011 and June 2014 the following are planned: a travelling exhibition (accompanied by a catalogue), public lectures, a half-scale reconstruction of the boat and a number of academic conferences, in addition to a range of educational and outreach activities. Everyone is welcome to join this scientific adventure at all levels of knowledge, from the advances in research archaeology brought about by the discovery to more elementary understanding as taught in primary schools. Eight European institutions are working together on the project.



Par-delà l'horizon, l'exposition archéologique multisensorielle, grand public et familiale...

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Qu'est-ce que BOAT 1550 BC ?

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BOAT 1550 BC est le nom du projet de valorisation lié à la découverte, en 1992 dans le port de Douvres, d'un très ancien bateau de l'Âge de bronze...

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